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Supply Chain, Logistics, & Professional Services

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Delivering quality products and services to the right place on time.

Garrison Walker Group is a fully integrated market leading supply chain firm that serves mature commercial, industrial and government clients. The company's manufacturing partners/distributors include market leaders in each of its five core market concentrations.

Whether your needs are EDI implementation, GSA interfacing, Unit Level Serialization/Digitization, life cycle costing or sustainability - the GWG team of supply chain professionals have the demonstrated (best practices experience) to outperform your expectation. 

Product and Service Offerings

Food & Agriculture

Premier dairy and produce product offerings. 

Fuel & Energy

Exceptional, brand-name petroleum products.


Soaring high with quality and precision.


Delivered on time, every


Professional Services

Bridging expertise and excellence.


Pioneering in clinical labs and immunodiagnostics.

Team Meeting

Our Partnerships

Garrison Walker Group offers a diverse array of products and services. We're proud to partner with like-minded companies who prioritize quality and timeliness. See a few of our major offerings below. We are proud to partner with these like - minded companies to offer a diverse array of products and services that simply outperform our competition across all metrics: quality, costs and delivery.

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