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Medical & Diagnostics


Delivering on Precision & Efficiency

Garrison Walker Group (GWG) presents clinical diagnostic testing systems designed to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable test results. Our systems are precisely engineered to meet today’s challenges and prepare your labs for future growth.

Clinical Trials

We employ VITROS® Solutions from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics provide an ecosystem that ensures lab efficiency and high-quality results. The range of standalone to fully automated solutions, predictive data, and award-winning service makes us your ideal partner in medical diagnostics.

Overcome Staffing Challenges

Our lab technology is designed to keep your staff focused on high-value tasks, boosting productivity and enabling them to accomplish more.

Immunohematology: Integrated Solutions for Today and the Future

With GWG, overcome today’s lab challenges while preparing for the future. Our immunohematology solutions are designed to meet today’s testing needs while preparing for future demands. With our systems, labs can confidently deliver efficient and reliable results for patients in need of transfusions.

Enhance Clinical Outcomes

VITROS Solutions provide efficient systems and proprietary technologies that allow for fast, reliable test results. This enables clinicians to make confident decisions and deliver effective treatment for patients.

Prepare for the Future

 As you manage today's challenges, our team of innovators works relentlessly to design the solutions and technologies that will help you meet tomorrow's challenges.


Improve Lab Performance

 Experience the innovation in your lab with VITROS Solutions, allowing uninterrupted lab workflow. Backed by our 24/7 service and support, we help you deliver when it matters most.

VITROS: The Difference in Lab Efficiency

GWG's approach builds on technologies designed to improve lab efficiencies, deliver reliable results, and offer value in ownership. These technologies include MicroSlide, XT MicroSlide, MicroTip, MicroWell, MicroSensor, and INTELLICHECK® Technology.

Trust GWG to deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability in your medical and diagnostic needs. We are committed to innovating for a healthier tomorrow.

Efficiency and Reliable Results

Trust GWG to deliver precision, efficiency, and reliability in your medical and diagnostic needs. We are committed to innovating for a healthier tomorrow.

Increased Efficiency

Our systems automate 99% of your testing needs, reduce chances of human error with automated grading and interpretation of tests, and provide fast results.

Trusted Results

Trust in high-quality, consistent results with our automated solutions, standardized protocols, and stringent security checks. Our systems also provide advanced artificial intelligence threat protection to safeguard patient data.

Proven Reliability

Our reliable technology, combined with 24/7 support and a seamless flow of information across your lab and network, offers you increased uptime and better performance.

The GWG Advantage

Beyond technology solutions, we believe in a holistic approach to service and support. GWG's support services include remote diagnostics, proactive monitoring, and staff training.

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